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Pennysaver event officially kicks-off a couple of days early, today, at The digital Press site throughout the month of August 2021!

Today I have a new collection for you it's called Every Summer Has A Story, and since it's Pennysaver month.... each pack is just $1 for all month long!!!!

The collection colors are a perfect match for the summer vibes will help you document your everyday life and your special summer moments.

Friday 07/30/2021

Collection includes:

130 elements (87 unique elements) + US Letter PDF printsheet for easy printing

12 patterned papers + 08 solid papers

Tuesday 08/03/2021

10 pocket cards in 3 orentations (size 3x4, 4x4, 6x4) + printsheet

24 digital stamps in PNG and ABR file

Each pack is only $1 and available only at The digital press store during August month.

Releasing date 08/03/2021

creative inspiration

by Sarah Rees

by Silvanna Kishiro

by Rhonda Blaney

by Sylvia Regina

by Olivia Ashcraft

by Silvanna Kishiro

by Michele Anderson

by Krista Lund

by Christy Haig

by Sean Eyring

by Ann-Sofie Österberg

by Ann-Sofie Österberg

by Hilary Lorman

by Jess Griffin

by Audrey Paladini

by Cathy Sanders

by Sylvia Regina

by Karen Busby


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