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Hello and happy NSD!!!!

I hope that all of you are healthy and safe.

In those new normal days that we're all living around the world, there is one thing that we can't change. I'm talking about our birthday!  My new collection It's your day is all about celebrate birthday day, i'm in person believe that it's important to celebrate it, because it's such a big honor to live on earth.  The collection designed with beautiful and happy colors and it will help you perfectly documenting your birthday celebration in the past and present. For NSD the collection is a grab bag and it's costs only $6

The collections includes elements + printsheet, patterned & solid papers, pocket cards in 3 sizes + printsheet, traveler's notebook papers+templates and stamps.  These are in my TDP store and at my personal store, untill May 4th, 2020.

Individual collection pieces will be on available to buy in my personal shop and at TDP store from Monday May 4th.

I hope you like my new collection!

Have a super awesome NSD weekend and have fun with shopping.

Stay healty and safe at home and i hope that those days will end soon as possible Love & Hugs, Rachel

creative inspiration

by Ann-Sofie Österberg

by Ann-Sofie Österberg

by Ann-Sofie Österberg

by Ann-Sofie Österberg

by Ann-Sofie Österberg

by Tia Adair

by Anne Pasquiou Caccioppoli

by Cathy Sanders

by Sean Eyring

by Rhonda Blaney

by Sarah Rees

by Silvanna Kishiro

by Sylvia Regina

by Silvanna Kishiro

by Candy Lai

by Andrea Mendoza

by Sandra Bravo

by Michele Anderson

by Deborrah Cannizzaro

by Rhonda Blaney


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